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The Adonis Transformation System

Adonis is a Greek name for a beautiful young man, who was admired by Aphrodite. Now you have the chance to become that beautiful young man women adore with the Adonis Transformation system. Research have shown that women will find a man very attractive when his body is in a perfect shape.

The body fat for men should be 5% of the body weight, for women it’s more like 13%.

With the Adonis Index System you get clear goals and simple measurements to check your improvements.

Bodybuilding is good for your health and your body, but bigger is not always better. With a bodybuilding workout you don’t know when you have reached the ideal shape, you just keep working out to get bigger and bigger.
When a bodybuilder reaches his goal, he just goes on to a new goal.

With the Adonis system you can directly increase your physical attractiveness, your physical dominance, and indirectly increases your social dominance and social status. These are the 4 major qualities that women find attractive in a man. The most important qualification is social status. This seems to be the number one quality that most women are attracted to in a man.

With the Adonis Index, your improvement can be seen as a number that represents how close you are to your ideal body, in other words, the look that will be respected by every man and that every woman finds attractive. It is a proven fact that people who are physically attractive make more money and get further in life than average people. Research have shown that women are most attracted to muscled men from whom the shoulders are 1.6 times the size of their waist.

This means you need to have a V-shape in your body; a small waist and strong, good size shoulders.
Most women consider this the most magnetically attractive body shape for a man.

The Adonis Index System is a unique workout specially designed to reach your goal of your “perfect” Adonis Index score. The Adonis Index Score is a proven system for building the most attractive, healthy, and appreciated male body possible. This perfect form is timeless and ageless. Men as well as women have found this the perfect shape, and even today this is still considered the perfect shape.

The workouts will help you to get into shape and the nutrition programs will make it happen faster than you thought possible. A study showed that men who were physically attractive also tended to be more socially confident and respected than other men.

Your physical attractiveness is one of the major components of your self esteem. Thousands of people are simply copying this plan for an incredible transformation, and you can do the same.

You will get over 400 pages of pure exercise and nutrition information and the 12 Week Muscle Building Foundations Program. This exercise program is very likely to completely change your life. If you want to have a better body, then you should start today!

The well indexed exercise manual will tell you in detail every single exercise that you’ll need to do to reach your Adonis Index Score. The Adonis system can be used for losing weight, building muscles for the perfect physique, and to improve your self image and attraction. The only side effect is that some women can have the idea that you are out of their reach because you look too good.

Beat Eczema And Improve Dry Skin

Eczema is an allergic inflammation of the skin. About 15 out of 1000 people will be affected by eczema.

It can affect every person, but especially young children. It may already be present from birth or developing later in life. The symptoms can be skin redness, blisters or flakes, and can also causes severe itching. Asthma, hay fever, and emotional stress can be associated with eczema.

There are two types of eczema and both have different causes:
Atopic eczema; This type of eczema is hereditary. In some cases the cause is unknown. This form occurs particularly in children. The boundaries of the affected area is usually unclear. Itching is the main complaint.

In chronic eczema the skin can be rough or impure.

Contact Eczema; This type is caused by hypersensitivity to a substance such as nickel, chrome, rubber, soap, cosmetics or detergents, but also solvents, sweating or rough wool clothing. Contact dermatitis can occur from one moment to another.

Eczema is not contagious. You can not get it from someone else or transfer it to another person.

It can happen anywhere on the body, but mostly in the neck, on the inside of the elbows and on the inside of the knees. Infants can also get it on the torso and in the face. If you keep on scratching, you will take off layers of skin and get an unsightly, damaged body. Because of the damaged skin, you can also get bacterial and viral infections causing even more problems.

Steroids can work well against eczema but the side effects in the long run are even worse than eczema.

When you take a shower or bath, don’t use water that is too hot to prevent a dry skin. Before you dry yourself, apply an emollient to your skin while you’re still wet. Don’t wear tight or rough clothing, and try not to scratch. Also, don’t do exercise that will make you sweat as this can worsen the rash.

Try to eat healthy foods, do some light activity, prevent stress and get a good sleep as this will all be beneficially to your eczema.

The main treatment consist of antihistamine medications and steroid cream. If there is also a bacterial infection present, than you also may have an oral antibiotic given, otherwise it can become very severe.

Don’t expect a fast result as recovery will go slow. With the Beat Eczema guide you can treat eczema without dangerous steroids or medication. It is a 100% natural treatment, so no side effects and it is also easy to use; just follow the steps in the book.

The body is capable of healing itself from all skin problems. You will learn what causes eczema and how to eliminate it to get rid of the itching, and the dry skin. By treating the root cause you will become free from pain and also slow down the aging process of your skin. You will get a beautiful, toned and firm skin back without eczema.

Lose Man Boobs (Male Breasts)

Gynecomastia is also known as “man boobs” or “male breasts”. It is usually not caused by genetic factors, but by a hormonal imbalance: the male hormones, known as androgens, are considerably low compared to the number of female hormones, the estrogens. This can happen during puberty; when you reach your twenties, some hormones will reach peak levels while others are lowering.

In almost all cases the hormone levels will naturally return to normal levels after a while.

Research have shown that drug abuse can cause gynecomastia. Skin care products, such as tea tree oil and lavender oil, are also linked to man boobs. A medical treatment can also cause a hormonal imbalance leading to gynecomastia, such as treatments for prostate cancer, medication for high blood pressure, and some antibiotics.

When you get gynecomastia, it is important to see your doctor to find out what is causing it, because it might be a medical condition. Most of the time, both sides will be affected, although it can happen on one side only, and the size can be different too.

Although man boobs are not painful, the area can be sensitive or delicate. There is one important point: Men who have gynecomastia have a higher risk to develop male breast cancer.

Surgery, such as liposuction, has been used effectively to treat man boobs but can cost you thousands of dollars. Most insurance companies are not going to cover surgery because it is considered to be a cosmetic surgery. Although surgery is very safe, there is always a risk of an infection or bleeding.

Medication has also proved to work well to get rid of man boobs, but there may be side effects depending on the kind of medication that is used. A diet or exercise is not the way to get rid of your man boobs. It can be done but not with the normal methods (to lose weight).

It is important to balance your hormones and know what medication not to take, because some medication have hormone changing abilities. As man boobs are mostly caused by a hormonal imbalance, you also have to eat foods that will help you to promote the right hormone levels.

Exercises like bench press and squats are the best to improve your male hormone (testosterone) levels.
Foods that will help to get your hormone levels at the right level, are: nuts, avocados, fish, milk, yogurt, cheese, vitamin D, olive oil and flax seed.

With The Chest Coach System you will know exactly what to do and what to eat to get rid of your man boobs with an easy to follow step by step system.

Perfect Vision Without Glasses Or Contacts

You can restore your eyesight without surgery and read small letters again, like reading a book or a newspaper, or reading your emails without having to use your glasses. If you wear glasses or contacts all the time, you don’t do anything with the muscles in your eyes. This will make your eyes weaker and cause a vision defect.

With an innovative procedure you can correct vision defects and get your eyesight back.

Almost every eye doctor will tell you that you cannot cure the loss of near vision except through surgery or corrective lenses. The point is that optical professionals want you to wear corrective eye wear that make your eye muscles weaker so that you will be dependent on corrective eye wear for the rest of your life.

As we get older, the muscles around the eyes stiffen and they lose their natural flexibility.

Surgery to correct your eyesight is a risky operation, cost a lot of money, and can have side effects later in life.
Are you willing to spend a lot of money and risk your eyesight, while you can have a perfect permanent solution without side effects?

These days many people wear glasses, you can see them every where around you. When you were younger as a little kid, you didn’t used glasses. The same goes for your ancestors and people who live in the wild. But now almost everybody has problems with their vision and need corrective eyewear.

But all glasses and lenses make your eyes weaker!

Most people are not aware that they can improve their eyesight without glasses, contact lenses or even surgery with a proven method. This method will get you results with all kinds of vision problems and also prevents common eye problems. It doesn’t matter what your age is, or if you have worn glasses or contacts for years.

In the back of the eye are a lot of muscles. It is these muscles that can be strengthen with exercise.

There is a simple exercise that you can do right now to feel the muscles in your eyes. Keep your head straight, looking forward. Then, without turning your head, try to look at far as possible to the right and keep it there for a few seconds. Do the same to the left, than up and finally down. If you’ve done it correctly, you will feel the muscles in your eyes.

It is these kind of exercises that are going to help you to restore your eyesight. As the eye muscles gets stronger, your vision will get better until you can see sharp without the need for glasses or contacts.

These eye exercises can be done anywhere and anytime, and will improve your eyesight. You are going to have a sharper, clearer, focused vision but also relief from eye strain and headaches with just a few minutes of exercise a day.

Eliminate Uterine Fibroids Naturally

Uterine fibroids are an outgrowth like a tumor or a swelling that grows on your uterus. They can grow on the inside, on the outside, or in the wall of your uterus. The most common type of fibroids grow within the uterine wall.

Many women in their 30’s and 40’s have fibroids, and sometimes they don’t even know they have them as they normally do not cause problems. After menopause, when the hormone levels are going down, fibroids normally shrink and won’t come back anymore.

It is not sure what the cause of fibroids is, but it seems to have something to do with the female hormones estrogen and progesterone. In normal situations they shrink after menopause and will not cause any more problems.

To find out if you have fibroids, you can have your doctor do a pelvic exam to check the size of your uterus. With an ultrasound test you can see pictures of your uterus showing the place where the fibroids are growing and how large they are.

One of the first signs of fibroids is the difficulty of becoming pregnant. Other problems that can arise, are menstrual period changes; urinary problems, such as incontinence; bowel problems, low back pain, pelvic pressure and pressure on other intestines, and premature labor.

If fibroids are not causing any problems, there is no reason to do anything about it. You can visit your doctor once in a while to check if they are getting bigger. Fibroids do grow, but it is a slow process, although sometimes they can suddenly start to grow fast.

If they are causing problems, you can have them removed through surgery, called hysterectomy.
This is the only way to make sure they won’t come back, but you won’t be able to get pregnant anymore.

Another option is called myomectomy, where you keep your uterus. You still have a chance to get pregnant, but the risk is that your fibroids will grow back. With fibroids it can be harder to get pregnant, but they can also cause problems during pregnancy, you even have the risk of losing your baby.

Except from the irreversible results, these surgeries are also expensive and most of the time they are not covered by health insurance. To prevent fibroids you should eat foods that are rich in iron, such as meats, leafy green vegetables and beans. This will balance your hormonal situation and enhance fertility.

But also doing regular exercise can help against fibroids. A study proved that the more exercise women have, the better their chances to prevent uterine fibroids.

If you increase the amount of iron in your diet it may help prevent anemia. But taking iron supplements can also work well against anemia.

To get permanent freedom from Uterine Fibroids and all related symptoms without surgery you need the book Fibroids Miracle System. It is a complete and unique information source on fibroids solution.

It is customizable for your own specific condition. You also get exclusive personal counseling.

You can completely dissolve all types of Uterine Fibroids including the symptoms within 2 months using a unique 3-step holistic system. Thousands of women worldwide have used this 3-step system successfully to get rid of their Fibroids quickly, safely and naturally.

With this 3-step approach of the Fibroids Miracle, you get results, plain and simple! You even can expect to lose 2-3 pounds and feel your energy levels go up! In the following weeks, your fibroids will start to disappear together with all the related symptoms. Usually your problems will be gone at this moment.

You will get rid of the bladder pressure, pain and anxiety and you will look and feel better than ever.

You will even experience thicker hair, healthier skin and nails, more vitality but no more sleepless nights, pain or bloating. The unique 3-step holistic system will reduce the pain and discomfort in as little as 12 hours and start eliminating your fibroids by addressing the root cause.

Uterine fibroids are caused by multiple internal factors and can only be solved by treating all of those elements responsible for fibroids formation.

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