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The Ultimate Guided Tantra Lovemaking Course For Lovers

Tantra, the spiritual science from ancient India is very similar to Taoism from China. It is about bringing the male and female energies in balance to create harmony and have the ultimate goal of spiritual ecstasy, known as enlightenment. With Tantra you can reach higher states of ecstasy and pleasure beyond normal sex.

You will learn ways to open your heart more to your partner to be passionately in love again. You will also learn Sacred Sex: how to turn making love into a sacred experience which will touch you on every level, deeper than you have ever experienced before.

Making love is where you enjoy the physical connection between you and your lover, as well as concentrating on exchanging love and sexual energy between you both. This method of lovemaking has already saved many relationships, especially where sex became just a little part of something partners shared together, while it should be the most beautiful way to connect more closely together.

Several men have the problem that they come too soon, or maybe not at all. And some men have the problem of getting, or maintaining an erection. The first important thing is to learn how to exercise and strengthen your pubococcygeus muscle (PC muscle) also known as the love muscle. By doing this you help to strengthen your erection and increase the satisfaction of your climax, and thus increasing your own and your partners pleasure.

The PC muscle is used to cut off urination. If you stop the urine flow during urinating, you use your PC muscle. Practice this often as if you are holding back urination and your PC muscle gets stronger, giving you harder erections and making you last longer. You can do this exercise almost every where without other people knowing you are doing it.

There is so much potential contained when it comes to the g-spot, and expanding a woman’s sexual pleasure, for her to move from one orgasm to multiple orgasms in one session and to experience longer, deeper and more intense orgasms than she had before. A woman’s sexual consciousness can take her on a spiritual path.

The g-spot can be deeply set about 7-10cm (up to 4in) inside the yoni (vagina) on the upper wall just behind the pubic bone. It can also be only about 2.5cm (1 inch) inside the vagina. The location varies considerably from one woman to another woman. The area normally feels a bit rough and the spot would swell during intimate stimulation. It can feel like a small pea or larger when you go with your finger over it. To pleasure a woman through the sacred spot, don’t touch around the yoni as if you press a button, but go over the whole sacred area.

With the art of Energic Lovemaking, you’ll enjoy the physical connection with your partner, but you will also focus on the exchange of love and sexual energy passing between the two of you, making you an extraordinary lover.
If you make love with your woman at least once a week using Energic Lovemaking, she will never want to leave you because not many men know about this form of lovemaking.

Just imagine discovering ways to add new energy to your love life and intensify your relationship together, emotionally, physically, and spiritually. By the end of the course you have the time to integrate the lessons into your daily life and the program will be with you for always to go back to and reread it whenever you want! That makes the Ultimate Tantric Lovemaking Secrets and Practices home course better than other courses.

Stop Rotator Cuff Problems Without Surgery With Simple Exercises

The rotator cuff consist of a group of flexible but tough fibers (so called tendons) and they connect the muscles of the shoulder to the upper arm. When the tissues in the shoulder get irritated or damaged, you will get rotator cuff disorders.

The shoulder joint is made of a ball and socket. This socket holds the ball from the top of the upper arm bone.
As this socket is shallow, you can move your arm in all directions. This also means that the muscles and fibers have to work hard to keep the bones in place, with a bigger chance of an injury and more wear and tear.

With a rotator cuff disorder, the fibers (tendons) get squeezed and they rub against the bone, getting damaged and irritated, causing bleeding and inflammation. Overuse and normal wear and tear cause most rotator cuff problems, causing pain and weakness in your shoulder. It can hurt a lot and it may be impossible to do normal things, for instance carrying shopping bags.

It is important to treat these problems, or your shoulder will get worse, with the chance that you won’t be able to lift up your arm. Try to avoid positions and activities that feel uncomfortable, for instance doing things above your head. You can use your arm, but without heavy activities, only gentle movements.

Don’t wear your arm in a sling or brace, as this can make the joint to become stiff. Put ice or something hot on the sensitive spot, whichever makes you feel better.

A treatment should start soon after an injury or soon after symptoms begin to develop, to relieve the discomfort and prevent the problems from getting worse, and for the best chances of restoring flexibility and strength in your shoulder. Otherwise inflammation and tears can build up, causing (more) pain, weakness, and even loss of function. A home exercise program should be done until your shoulder is strong again and as flexible as possible.

With physiotherapy rehabilitation exercises you will get a fast pain relief. These exercises don’t require any special equipment and are easy to do. The techniques are medically approved as well as doctor recommended! Before you start your exercises, you must properly and completely prepare your shoulder to maintain healthy joints.

With stretches you can improve your flexibility, mobility and loosen your muscles and tendons. This will soften up your shoulder to get you back to normal, without pain. Stretching will also bring blood into the muscles to start the healing process, and it will prevent future injuries and fix muscular imbalances. If you reduce stiffness and tension, you can reduce aches and pain, warming you up for recovery exercises.

Physical therapy usually involves gentle stretching exercises to stretch and strengthen the shoulder. Start with passive exercises to get the full movement back in your shoulder. Move your arm carefully along its full motion range, do this several times a day. Progress slowly to avoid any injury.

The exercises will help to increase the strength in your shoulder and the muscles around your shoulder.

It is in fact relatively simple to recover the shoulder: the right exercises, stretches and strengthening techniques done in the right order will have an incredible positive impact on the muscles and fibers in your shoulder.

The best defense against rotator cuff disorders is to exercise daily to maintain strength and flexibility. Don’t expect overnight results, it can take a few weeks or even a few months to get a good recovery.

Eliminate Ovarian Cysts And Reverse All PCOS Symptoms Within 2 Months

Ovarian cysts are small sacs filled with a fluid (like blisters) that grow in a woman’s ovaries. Sometimes they cause problems, for instance cracking, bleeding and also pain. Women usually have 2 ovaries with the size of a walnut, for storing and releasing eggs. They are located on each side of the uterus and produce one egg every month, starting a women’s menstrual cycle.

The egg will grow inside the ovary, and if a fertilized egg comes in contact with the egg, it will result in pregnancy. This happens every month and if the egg is not fertilized, a menstrual period will follow and all contents will be thrown out.

If a cyst contains only fluid, it is called a functional cyst (or simple cyst), meaning they are not a disease. If the egg doesn’t come out with the menstrual period, the fluid stays inside and can form a cyst in the ovary. Most of them are harmless, not caused by cancer and disappear on its own in a few weeks.

Symptoms of ovarian cysts are: Infertility; Lower abdominal or pelvic pain; Pain or pressure with urinating or bowel movements; Vaginal pain or spotty bleeding from the vagina; Pressure on bladder; Nausea and vomiting; and weight gain.

Diluted essences of flowers such as honeysuckle, walnuts, wild oats and red chestnuts can help re-balance the female reproductive system and in treating ovarian cysts. Evening primrose oil helps regulate the hormonal imbalances that cause ovarian cysts as it is rich in the essential fatty acid, gamma-linolenic acid.

Homeopathic medicine is one of the best natural treatments of functional ovarian cysts, as they will decrease in size and even disappear.

Herbal remedy is another home remedy to get rid of ovarian cysts naturally. Herbs such as ginseng, sage and fennel prevent the formation of cysts and help with hormone imbalances.

Wild yam: effective in the treatment of ovarian cysts and uterine pain, menstrual disorders, hormonal imbalance and infertility.

Chasteberry: to restore hormonal imbalances.

Red Clover: a popular remedy for hormonal imbalances.

Black cohosh: a powerful natural hormone balancer. (not to be used by women who are pregnant and/or breastfeeding their children).

False unicorn: a traditional herb used that will help to normalize the female reproductive system.

Echinacea improves the immune system, increases white blood cells and helps the body to eliminate abnormal cells. Echinacea can restore and maintain hormonal balance and thus prevent ovarian cysts from developing.

Bee pollen: an ayurvedic cure for ovarian cyst; makes the reproductive system stronger.

Liquorice can dissolve ovarian cysts naturally due to its hormone regulating action.

Try to eat more fruits and vegetables, fibers, garlic, legumes and whole grains as they relieve the pain and discomfort from ovarian cysts or follow a vegetarian diet until the ovarian cysts shrink or dissolve. Use less sugar, eat less white flour and processed foods to allow the body time to heal and re-balance itself.

With the powerful Ovarian Cyst Miracle program that is 100% natural, you can safely eliminate all types and sizes of ovarian cysts quickly and permanently within 8 weeks with a simple 3-step approach and prevent them from coming back. You will also avoid the consequences (and costs) of surgery, stop pain and bloating; regain your natural inner balance; and reverse all PCOS symptoms permanently.

You will also get rid of excessive weight, look healthier, younger and more energetic with thicker hair and healthier skin and nails; Have more mental clarity, vitality and enthusiasm; become more relaxed and have a better sleep, excellent health and a wonderful overall feeling.

Increase Your Breast Size Naturally By 2 Cups Without Surgery

Many products and methods will tell you how to grow your breast naturally. As every person is different, you’ll have to find out what works for you. You’ll also have to be patient. Getting bigger breasts is a slow process, as new cells have to be created to make them bigger. Some women start seeing results in a few weeks while for others it can take months. Most of the natural enlargement methods must be done as part of your daily routine.

During puberty is when most changes happen in a women’s body. Around the age of 12-16, a woman’s body is full of estrogen. When puberty stops, the levels of estrogen are quickly reduced, leaving your breasts to be at that size for the rest of your life. To make your breasts grow bigger naturally, you just need to eat more estrogen; a naturally occurring ingredient found in many different plants and herbs.

During pregnancy breasts will grow because of higher estrogen levels. If you raise your estrogen levels, you can stimulate breast growth at any age. A combination of rice, soybeans, barley and dairy products like milk, cheese, and yogurt is an estrogen rich diet for growing bigger breasts. Together with other methods, like massage, they can speed up the breast growing process.

By regular massaging your breasts for 20-30 minutes you’ll increase circulation causing more estrogen to reach your breast. This can make them grow by one cup in as little as one month. Creams can be used for a smoother massage, it will also improve your skin and prevent breast cancer. It’s a simple technique that you can do from home, but you have to do it regularly, at least twice a week, to see results.

Herbs can be used to trigger the natural production of prostaglandin, a hormone that is vital for the growth of breast tissue. Herbal breast enhancers include fenugreek, saw palmetto, fennel seeds, wild yan, dong quai, red clover, black cohosh, and several more. With one cup of fennel tea a day you can expect to see results in as little as 6 to 8 weeks.

The hormone estrogen is found in soy beans, flax seeds, and also tofu. These hormones flow through the blood stream, so an increased blood flow can make your breast grow bigger. Eating these estrogen rich foods can make your breast grow by up to two cup sizes. Foods high in bromine and manganese can also increase your bust size. Almonds, grapes, and apples are bromine rich, while corn, wholegrain rice, and sea foods are rich in manganese.

Try to eat fresh fruits and vegetables, because this will help to get a good amount of healthy fat to improve your breasts size. Fruits and vegetables that will increase your bust include strawberries, blueberries, black olives, avocado and dill. Research showed that drinking papaya milk on a regular basis can help breasts to grow.

There are exercises that will make your breasts instantly look bigger. These exercises will not really enhance the breasts but they will tighten the skin, improve blood flow, giving the breasts a fuller look, and strengthen back muscles, giving better posture. Exercises such as arm circulation movement and chest expanders can help to grow your pectoralis muscle making the area firmer and appear bigger.

With simple step-by-step instructions you’ll discover how to make your breasts grow bigger naturally.

The book is jam-packed with years of scientific research, helpful information on how to make your breasts grow by as much as 2 cup sizes, with an easy to understand natural program that really works!

Naturally And Permanently Cure TMJ With 2 Minute Exercises

Temporo Mandibular Joint disorder can be caused by several medical problems. The lower jaw is connected to the skull through the TMJ. Each side of the jaw have a TMJ and they are used for opening and closing the mouth.
Most people who use average TMJ treatments, only get temporarily relief to end up even worse than before.

Symptoms you can expect with TMJ: pain in the jaw joints; shoulder pain; a locked jaw; facial pain: this can go down to the neck and shoulders; ear pain; ear ringing; hearing loss; clicking and popping sounds from the joints; dizziness and headaches; upset stomach and neck pain. TMJ disorder can be caused by disease, trauma, habits, or wear and tear from aging.

Trauma can be grinding the teeth, known as bruxism, and jaw tightening or clenching. Bruxism can result in muscle spasm and inflammatory reactions. The most used treatment is by using splints or bite plates that fit between the teeth from the upper and lower jar. To prevent permanent changes they should not be used over a longer period of time. In some patients splints can actually increase clenching and grinding.

Only 1% of TMJ sufferers need jaw surgery, which is very difficult as the joint is very complicated. Any surgical procedure poses a risk of infection and other complications, including reactions to anesthesia as the surrounding tissue is tough and difficult to cut and easily scars after surgery.

If you grind your teeth at nigh, you should visit the dentist and have him make a splint for you. If you only have occasional jaw pain, you should avoid chewing gum, biting on objects, such as pens or your fingernails because chewing creates a strong force on your jaw.

Try to eat soft foods to prevent too much pressure on the jaw joints. Put a warm compress on the painful area and leave it on for about 20 minutes. After that, do some jaw exercises, such as opening and closing the mouth from side to side. This should be done three to five times a day, each time for 5 minutes. A soft massage can also be helpful to relieve pain and reduce symptoms.

Almost all people with TMJ can permanently cure their TMJ without surgery or drugs. The eBook with step-by-step instructions will tell you the easy to understand exercises and massage for treating the underlying root cause of TMJ. It’s written in plain, simple English, illustrated with photos. It is a unique natural treatment to get fast relief and permanent freedom of TMJ for good.

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